Badran: A novel, exceptional story

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By Jumana Ghunaimat

Over thirty-eight days, former Prime Minister Mudar Badran honored us as a guest on the pages of al-Ghad; providing live testimony on stages and the history of Jordan, recorded by our colleague Mohamed Khair Rawashda, within the series “politician remembers”.

Badran was not an ordinary man – he who assumed a variety of positions during his long years of service in the public sphere along; a founding officer – and a director - of the General Intelligence Department, Chief of the Royal Court, minister and prime minister. He is, as such, not only a witness to the stages and critical junctures in the contemporary history of Jordan, but the importance of his testimony also lies in that he was at that time a decision-maker or a participant at the very least.

Even though Badran retired public work for years - almost decades - his decision to say what he has under his sleeve now in itself is another national service added to his record of accomplishment. This happens while others are reticent to retrieve and review what they have from the national accounts of our history, which belongs to all of us, different generations, but as such many events remain trapped in the minds of some of the politicians who are still undecided.

Because he remained silent on the sensitive and crucial historical times in our national path, they interaction with his memoirs seem exceptional. As such, al-Ghad was re-publish two episodes of the series at the request of readers who missed them due to weather conditions; comments and details from the readers were also published by al-Ghad as part of the story, perhaps time brings about researchers seeking to collect these accounts.

In short, Badran’s story stirred positive reactions, admired by followers hungry to read history, and within which one's experience of the most important figures who played an important role in Jordan path, living through some of the most sensitive and difficult periods, despite the fact that some politicians who would prefer to silence Badran forever and not revealed many details.

Badran’s story also opened the door for discussion on many issues; it was followed by many politicians who have lived with Badran; as of the officials who have the responsibility today, they might they draw lessons from the model of the political figure favored by the Jordanians; as well as diplomats and citizens, Arabs and foreigners.

Badran, and through the series “A Politician Remembers" initiated by al-Ghad years ago, shows a lot of detail in many of the files; he revealed a lot of important secrets on Jordan and its history, present, and future, and so as to provide a reference for the generations of today and the future to know the history of their homeland.

Al-Ghad thanks Badran for his addition to the Jordanians as a whole through these episodes, which provided a new face to accounts about specific issues. He promised through the pages of the newspaper that he completes his memoirs in a book to be issued later.

Badran wrote Jordan’s history with his accounts, but the difference between him and a historian is that he did not need references and documents, but combined between testimony and history, which gave to his accounts strength, as well as controversy.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition