Four groups for the Muslim Brotherhood!

تم نشره في Mon 30 March / Mar 2015. 12:28 PM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

After the declaration of "Wisemen" of the Muslim Brotherhood that they are withdrawing their initiative for consensus within the group, the Brotherhood in Jordan entered a new phase of the crisis that beset it for some time now, and no one knows, until this moment, where is the end.

It is certainly a crisis that will further weaken the Brotherhood and draws a new blow to their unity, especially tarnishing the image of its leadership; while these leaders cannot enact reforms within them, how can it be calling for broader reform nationwide.

Today, a closer at the Brotherhood today quickly reveals that it has become home to multiple conflicting groups; and not just limited to two associations is; the first "mother" group and the newly registered, headed by Dr. Abdul Majeed Thunaibat, and bear the legal basis as the "Association of the Muslim Brotherhood" in Jordan.

The large gap between the two, as it seems, spawned a new conglomerate under the name of "Wisemen", who said in a press statement issued late on Tuesday that they withdraw from the internal conciliation process between the symbols of the Brotherhood. Which represents, a priori, an explicit recognition of the failure of last-minute efforts to save the group, through a proposed compromise to spare the "Brotherhood" catastrophic scenarios.

The Zamzam initiative is the other that came out of the womb of the Brotherhood, and distanced itself from the old rhetoric of the group and announced its rejection of the policy of the current leaders. Zamzam has sought, and despite the complexity of the surrounding circumstances, to present itself as a moderate Islamic trend.

After the Wisemen and Zamzam, we see the Youth Brotherhood who are more modern than the traditional leaders in all the previous teams. The leaders who turned a blind eye, for many years, to the urgent need for reform within the group, right down to the results we are currently witnessing as an unprecedented rupture to the Brotherhood, which may be too big to fix.

The public, Jordanian question, and not only limited to the Muslim Brotherhood: What will happen to the largest Jordanian political group? What is the fate of the group after all the dramatic developments that it has suffered? Within this: who bears the blame of responsibility for what happened and is happening?

If the dispute was limited to the traditional leaders, the group of Dr. Thunaibat, and Zamzam, which split from the Brotherhood without declaring it, we would have said that there was a political game (officially) played under the table to weaken the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, when we are at a point that the Wisemen withdraw their initiative completely, it can only mean one thing: It is difficult to communicate with decision-makers within the mother group. That confirms that they have closed their eyes and doors on the reform that they have always called for, in an apparent lack of wisdom, which represents the magic solution, and the only one.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition