You should be ashamed of yourselves

تم نشره في Mon 13 April / Apr 2015. 12:00 PM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

Recent statements issued by the Chairperson of the Social Security Corporation Investment Fund Suleiman (SSCIF) Suleiman Al-Hafiz, increases the confidence – which exists already – in Jordan’s position in the alleged sale of the shares of SSC in the Housing Bank. Allegations were previously made that the former chairperson of the fund, Dr. Yasser Odwan had sold them in secret.

What is conforting in al-Hafiz’s words, and reassuring in that, is that Jordan's position before the arbitration is good; it came with original documents and certificates.

Hafiz said that court concluded hearing both parties on the evidence presented, after the closing the witness hearings last September. The two sides’ lawyer filed pleadings, and the window for pleadings and evidence provision has been closed.

What al-Hafiz said about the existence of pending cases before the Jordanian judiciary is accurate and true, and one of them related to financial transactions by unknown parties. A number of these are now in the custody of the Jordanian judiciary, while others remain under prosecution.

The Chairperson of the SSCIF expected the issue of sale of the Housing Bank stocks - considered by a single arbitrator in Zurich, Switzerland – to conclude around mid-May; almost a month from now.

There are many defective details that time will reveal, relating to the involvement of non-Jordanians in operations with bribes and fraud, and hacks of Jordanian websites.

Personally, I waited eagerly for the final arbitration results. Perhaps to verify the position taken since the first day, in defense of the SSCIF and the sale of the Housing Bank stocks, based on profound knowledge, stretching for years, on attempts by Arab parties - Kuwaitis and Qatari especially – for the acquisition of these shares, for a significant stake in the bank.

Many information about the pressures put on the chairman to sell the shares are available, but they all refused to do so.

To return to the case and its details, I think that all of those involved in the plot of the alleged sale of the Housing stocks, especially the Jordanians, should be ashamed of themselves. They did not conspire against SSCIF but also against the homeland and the Jordanians’ savings, taking the side of a group of swindlers who tried to steal this national institution.

Those should be ashamed of themselves, and the concerned authorities should also pursue them relentlessly, and shame them before the public opinion. They came by no less than an act of high treason.

The award will be issued in about a month, and no one knows what it will be. However, the data available from the first day confirm that the SSCIF’s management at the time did not give up Jordan’s share in the second-largest local bank, and it also reveals that the current administration did not spare any effort in figuring out what happened and in maintaining the security’s funds.

We expect to hear a lot from Hafiz after the issuance of the final award, in all fairness and to expose those who should be ashamed of themselves.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition