Thanks to the sea!

تم نشره في Sun 26 April / Apr 2015. 09:31 AM

By Jumana Ghunaimat

“Thank you, O sea, who greeted us without a visa or passport, and thanks for the fish who will share my meat and will not ask me about my religion or political affiliation.”

This is a part of a poignant message circulated by Syrian activists on social networks, said to have been found in the pocket of a Syrian refugees whose body was recovered after the sinking of the boat that sailed them, carrying hundreds of illegal immigrants, on a journey across the Mediterranean, to reach European shores.

The humanitarian and moral duty bounds us to respond to the young man’s letter, to make sure it arrived. He wrote it being aware of his inevitable fate; an overeat for sea fish angry at ​​our human actions, after they have contaminated its waters with their blood when they were killing each other one time in the name of religion and another on in response to a “cosmic conspiracy”.

Personally, I say: God bless the author of the letter who fled –seeking a secure future, and hoping to escape the bloodshed, murder and explosive barrels- on the back of a boat, travelling a ruthless sea, which remained nicer to him than a home that can no longer tolerate its children.

I say to him: Do not apologize to the mother, it is the world’s duty to apologize to you and to her; the whole world that lost the Syrian people -and other Arab peoples- over the game of politics and proxy wars that ravage these regions, thus making the blood of its children cheap, for a power struggle that has always considered the blood of the youth a fair price.

We thank the sea that embraced your body; perhaps it was more merciful than those considered your fellow humans, and perhaps it protected you from a cruellest fate had you stayed in the arms of your mother, as it may have been cut off your head or all of your body, in front of the eyes of your bereaved mother.

Thanks to the sea that took you in, as you said, without asking who you are, what your religion is, or race! Today, in “our Arab nation”, O young man, murder for identity is common. But your name alone, whether it is Omar, Ali or another, is enough to get you killed at times.

Today, we kill those from a different sect, and we see the children of the great Arab homeland divided into smaller decimal point; not to uphold human rights, but to pounce on them.

Thank you because you reminded all of us of the cruelty of human beings, and how our world has become void of humanity and compassion when it abandoned the defenseless Syrian people.

Your message painful told us so much about our ugly world, how harsh it is on young people who once dreamt of freedom and democracy, and a state that respects their rights, even if the bare minimum. You have told us again how the world rose to hijack your revolution and dreams, and destroys what was left of it and buries it between the waves of the sea.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition