Are you incapable of finding a solution?

تم نشره في Mon 27 April / Apr 2015. 12:00 AM

By Muhammad Aburumman

Only during yesterday, we were on a date with three student fights. Firstly, in the Al al-Bayt University, where crowds of students were massing on the back of a tribal conflict, while there was a security alert. And the second was in Muata University. While alZitouna University suspended classes — like the International Islamic University of Science announced a few days ago — because of a tribal brawl, too.

As such, within a few days, we found five universities facing events associated with students’ violence; I think it is too late for the government and its premier to declare "University Week of Solidarity", to record these major achievements in the Jordanian Higher Education.

Since we do not have major scientific achievements in our universities record, let our achievement be university violence. This is, by the way, not a joke, but a reality; during the time of researcher Mohammed Jamil Junaidi, Jordanian universities have scored high in some international rankings of universities when it came to students’ violence!

University violence is not a new discovery. No Jordanian feels shocked or saddened by such news anymore. What surprised us, however, is that we felt a decrease in this phenomenon during the last period, until we found ourselves in front of an explosion during the past few days, without having heard even one comment from the Prime Minister or a senior official, or even the new Minister of Higher Education.

After dozens of seminars and workshops, many conferences and meetings between the heads of the universities, and with hundreds of recommendations on the shelves of officials’ offices, what can be said at the end of the day is that we did not find real solutions to the problem of on campus violence, and all that has happened during the last period did not exceed being an attempt at decreasing the level of the phenomenon on the outside only. Perhaps the government will continue to overlook the return of the phenomenon now, even after it has exploded in our faces as a major disaster, as it happened in the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, two years ago.

What has been done until now, after all these conferences, seminars and meetings, is only an amendment to the law on universities to bestow the rank of judicial official for the university’s police. It is a good idea, but its application is difficult, and you need before to rehabilitate the security of the university itself, after long years of stacking.

Again, the government overlooks providing strategies to save the universities, because we do not want to confront the real causes of the deterioration of universities.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition