Our youth, a ticking time bomb?

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By Jumana Ghunaimat

There are two interpretations for our youth in Jordan to reach 2.5 million people.

On the one hand, it is a sign of health, and thus an opportunity for production and building since a young society, our society as it is, is certainly capable of making a difference in its reality, based on the domestic, and not necessarily the region, situation.

This is the bright side of the story. The other, dangerous, face, and probably equally likely, is that millions of young people are eligible to become cornerstones of an environment of frustration and sense of marginalization, and thus vulnerable, in light of the negative atmosphere, to exploitation of their potential and their needs destructively.

The large positive energy available within this segment requires investment and specific conditions. If these are not available, it will give birth to massive frustrations; political, economic, social and other, which transforms the youth and their energy into a ticking time bomb.

As the sudden refugee influx, and as is always the case, weakens the expected results, as indeed confirm by the data of the Higher Population Council, which revealed in the latest figures a significant decline in the expectations of this "opportunity" of the Kingdom, from 69% to 66 % for 2030, and that during the years 2009-2014.

The 2.5 million youth figure is neither small nor easy to work with. Paying attention to this segment is a need to fortify and protect them from social diseases, such as violence, drugs, and most importantly, they must be vaccinated against terrorist organizations that permeate like poison in the folds of society.

Leaving the young a prey for unemployment and poverty, with the widening social gap, will only result in negativity.

The matter needs work cells active in various sectors within the society; real workshops to reform the education and higher education sectors can occupy a lot of energy that is being wasted, and similarly is the various services sectors, including health and medical services, capable of achieving the same end. We need to start working.

Today, we have the opportunity to invest the energies of young people in future-building rather than turn to shovels and fire for destruction; seize any population opportunity so as not to lose our youth.



This article s an edited translation from the Arabic edition