Blair's belated apology

تم نشره في Sat 31 October / Oct 2015. 02:03 PM

By Jumana Ghunaimat


The apology by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the mistakes he committed against the Middle East, specifically the invasion of Iraq - with the United States in 2003 - based on false pretenses, is an apology that does not change anything in the catastrophic situation of the inflamed area. But nonetheless, this apology confronts the West of the ugliness done by their leaders this region.

Blair, who provides political consulting today, recognize and apologize for all the mistakes made during the war led by the United States against Iraq, and led to the toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime.

I quote from the confessions of the former British official: "I can say that I apologize for the errors and the fact that the information we received were wrong, because, even with the use of (Saddam Hussein's) of chemical weapons against his own people and against others, what we thought he owned was not there in the way that we expected".

More importantly, in Blair's confessions, during an interview with the CNN earlier this week, is the link between the emergence of Islamic State (IS) and the war on Iraq. The elimination of Saddam's regime, and his execution at a later stage, were a major cause in the emergence of various terrorist organizations.

But what happened in Iraq is not the only reason for the emergence of IS and other terrorist organizations, but coupled with other factors, in turn, linked to the West and its policies in the region, and it has strengthened the catastrophic results that we see today. From that, the absolute bias for Israel historically, turning a blind eye to its terrorists and criminal offenses against the Palestinian people, and lack of implementation of UN resolutions for decades. As the West always neglected this file, as long as Israel is okay, but come to the help of the latter in the event of danger or threat.

There is also, among the causes of the rise of IS, is Syria, which was made by the West (although not alone) to be a battlefield for proxy wars, without a serious endeavor to resolve the crisis.

There is no doubt that the long neglect and procrastination in resolving the conflict were reasons to make Syria a warehouse for terrorist organizations, and the scene of sectarian wars. If the world was serious about solving problems, and specifically the US who suffers from political schizophrenia in the Middle East, we would not have seen what we see in Syria now; terrorists belonging to more than 80 countries!

Economy was also a gate for IS. Policies and programs imposed by international institutions, particularly the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, without any consideration for the human needs.

After 12 years, Blair apologizes for mistakes committed by his hands against Iraq. In the future, we can imagine a lot of apologies from Western politicians, as long as the errors committed against our region and its peoples continue.



This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition