Mohammad Aburumman

Three Months of Hell

تم نشره في Wed 10 February / Feb 2016. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Sun 14 February / Feb 2016. 05:40 PM
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An official at the American Department of State did less to deny John Kerry’s statements than to stress it was off record. Implicitly confirming them, these dangerous statements were made to a number of Syrian activists on the side-lines of the latest Supporting Syria 2016 donor Conference held earlier this month in London.

Syrian opposition will be “decimated” within three months, Kerry said. “We are to expect three more months of hell … Don’t blame me" he added, "– go and blame your opposition. It was the opposition that didn’t want to negotiate and didn’t want a ceasefire, and they walked away.. What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia? Is that what you want?”

Statements like these are dangerous indeed, and embarrassing, but appreciable nonetheless! Because John Kerry clarified with conclusive explicitness the true position of the United States regarding the Syrian conflict, which did not need much explaining by the way, but for a simple clear statement of the sort.

 Looking back —however, on previously leaked fragments of John Kerry’s meeting with leaders of the Syrian opposition, it is clear that what is happening today is nothing but the the exact implementation of the warnings he –Kerry- issued the opposition about rejecting “offered merchandise”. And although the opposition ended up attending the Geneva Talks with Saudi blessings, in an attempt to hold the stick in the middle, that did not please Kerry and the US who hoped for a fundamental shift in their position. The Americans want the Syrian opposition to accept Al Assad remaining in power during the transition period, with no guarantees given, whatsoever, that Him leaving office afterwards. They want them to agree to concessions that practically mean the Russia-Iran pole of the conflict has obviously won.

Today, the ‘Game of Nations’ has been exposed in Syria. As the Syrian people fight alone, or rather getting killed alone, tortured, and driven out their homes, Aleppo is being “stupidly” bombed, as the Americans describe it. There seems to be a Russian-Iranian agreement to wrapping things up North of Syria, move then to end the situation in the West, and thenin the South, with implicit American approval of the expected “hell” the US Secretary of State spoke about himself during the conference in London.

 This scenario is no longer secret. How is then possible that Saudi-Gulf officials are talking about intervening with boots on the ground in the northern parts of Syria to fight ISIS, and with American blessings, warning —openly, the Iranians of the onsets of regional war and conflict?!

 Does Riyadh not know the truth about America’s position?About there being no guarantees —should there really be an Arab-Sunni intervention; that they are not going to be targeted by the Iranians, ISIS, and Russia all at the same time?!Or is there another classified undeclared arrangement between the Americans and the Russians to finish ISIS and turn their territories over to the Arab-Sunni troops who will in turn give these territories to Syrian opposition? And what do we make of this irrational scenario in light of Kerry’s talk about “decimating” the opposition within three months?!

What is this “hell” he speaks of? It is, in short, total extermination. A “Scorched Earth” remnant of the racial and sectarian annihilation of the resident people to make way for geographic occupation. There is no other explanation. Should you —dear reader, have one, please do tell!

I am still convinced that Saudi Arabia will not engage another Arab state in an unknown endeavour of war without any clear outcomes in Syria. Should there really be a Saudi intention to intervene in Syria and face up to the so-called ‘Persian Project’according to Nawwaf Obeid —a Saudi writer and an enthusiast of KSA fighting a war on two fronts in Syria and Yemen, sending troops to Syria is not the answer, but a shift in strategies. Before the Syrian people go extinct over the next few monthsand we end up with millions on Jordanian and Turkish borders, or see the Syrian opposition fully surrendering to the reality of their new situation.