Syrian Refugees in Karak Tricked into Immigration Hoax

تم نشره في Wed 17 February / Feb 2016. 01:00 AM

AL KARAK — Syrian Refugees in Karak say they have been tricked by unknown persons from other provinces into paying hundreds of Jordanian Dinars in return for assistance in receiving UNHCR aid packages and opportunities to travel to countries in the Arab Gulf.

Victims of fraud say they were being visited by people offering whole families or heads of families the chance to travel abroad whether legally or illegally. One victim of the scams stated he had paid JOD400 for the opportunity to travel to a Gulf country.

Additionally, in return for assistance in receiving donor aid, some refugees were obliged to pay JOD500 per person to supposedly insure the delivery of packages issued by UNHCR and other international organisations.

In other cases, refugees were approached to pay monthly amounts in return for promises of “worthy monthly financial and other support packages” according to one female Syrian refugee who also said that “the chance of receiving promising monthly financial and material sustenance was worth tiring for and worth the risk”.

When approached about the issue, municipal authorities in Karak say they have not received any complaints about any cases of this sort and urge Syrian refugees to verify the identities of those making such promises. Deputy Governor of Karak Hamed Al Tarawneh warns that refugees should deal only with the known specialised official parties.