12 years after Facebook Launch.. World’s largest Virtual Community Today

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AMMAN — Facebook celebrated its twelfth anniversary on the 4th of February since the social media website was launched back in 2004 in America. A celebratory personalised video campaign took off consisting of videos made for individual users featuring their most important moments shared via Facebook, and allowed for users to custom-edit and share these videos with friends.

Facebook today hosts more than 1.6 billion active users every month. That is more than half of the people worldwide with access to the internet amounting to almost 3 billion in total.

Information published by the Website show that around 800 million people around the world use Facebook Messenger and 500 million use the Events feature integrated into the platform.

Notably, Facebook now also owns “WhatsApp” and “Instagram” —two wildly spreading smartphone applications, indicating Facebook are increasingly focusing on expanding their share of smartphone users.

Generally, the platform is easy to use and simple. Experts refer to this as being user-friendly, which is one of the chief features of Facebook’s success and mainly why the website surpassed all other social media platforms. In addition to ease of access and usage, the social media network opened new doors to the innovative worlds of social media marketing and advertisement, fundamentally changing the rules of the game for businesses globally.

As for its inception, Mark Zuckerberg —a founder of Facebook, first thought of the website while still a student in Harvard. He put together a team of his colleagues, mainly Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes to design and construct a website that would allow for Harvard students to stay in touch and exchange pictures; things progressed from there.