New Family Abuse Draft Legally Obligates Reporting Incidents of Abuse

“Family Affairs” Stress Definitions of “Abuse Victims” Must Be Expanded

تم نشره في Wed 17 February / Feb 2016. 12:00 AM

AMMAN — A draft of the legislation, acquired by “Al Ghad”, was issued by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA), and is inteded to legally obligate the reporting of any family abuse incidents regardless of victims’ age or mental capacity. The new legislation also extends the definition of abusers to include non-resident relatives and family members who abuse any one or more family members.

The standing law, on the other hand, includes only in-house residents, and only legally obligates the report of incidents involving underage and mentally incapacitated victims, while the reporting of incidents where victims are of legal age and mentally capable is optional.

Already approved by Cabinet, the new legislation incurred changes on the legal limitations to possible settlements between parties involved in abuse by law, and other aspects regarding the degrees of abuse according to NCFA.

Notably, the request to revise standing legislation was submitted by the Ministry of Social Development and the Family Protection Against Violence Team to the National Council stressing the vitality of revaluation. According to NCFA Secretary General Fadel Al Hmoud, when executed, “the standing laws exhibited various legal shortcomings and gaps. Hence the need to revise them and prepare a draft of a more effective and legally sound legislation” in regards to Family Abuse.