School Health Directorate States 30 Cafeterias Shut in 2015

Kharabsheh: We Did Not Shut Schools Because of Swine Flu

تم نشره في Sun 28 February / Feb 2016. 01:00 AM
  • مبنى وزارة الصحة في عمان -(تصوير: محمد مغايضة)

AMMAN — School Health Director of the Ministry of Health in Jordan, Khalid Kharabsheh, said the Ministry had shut 30 private and public school cafeterias last year, noting that one private school suspended classes for 4 days to their administration’s discretion for having come by a case of swine flu, and that the decision was not the Ministry’s.

Moreover, Kharabsheh told “Al Ghad” yesterday, that the Ministry directed the school to resume classes as patient was being quarantined and that swine flu has become a seasonal illness that does not require special procedures.