Irbid Cell Connected to ISIS Planned Assaults on Civilian and Military Targets in Jordan

تم نشره في Wed 2 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Wed 2 March / Mar 2016. 05:19 PM
  • Picture of the Building the Terrorist Cell In Irbid Fortified (Photography: of Mohammad Abu Ghoush)

AMMAN — General Intelligence Directorate were able to foil a terrorist scheme connected to ISIS, targeting civilian and military assets in Jordan.

Counter-Terrorism units tracked the group down after locating them through diligent, timely, accurate investigation and intellegence, having fortified themselves inside a building in a residential area in Irbid. The raid commenced after the group refused to turn themselves in and started resisting arrest with automatic firearms.

Security forces engaged the situation with the relative necessary, appropriate force, and the confrontation led to the martyrdom of the brave Captain Rashed Hussain Al Zyoud, and the injury of 5 national security forces personnel and 2 civilians.

The outcome of the operation was the arrest of 13 people involved in the criminal scheme, and the death of 7 members of the cell wearing demolition belts while firing on security forces.

An amount of automatic firearms, ammo, explosives, and detonators was detained at the terrorists’ possession.