Municipal Directions to Limit Scope of Businesses Permits in Residential Areas

تم نشره في Wed 2 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Fri 4 March / Mar 2016. 09:49 PM
  • مبنى أمانة عمان الكبرى-(أرشيفية)

AMMAN — Greater Amman Municipality intends to take wider steps towards the limitation of the scope of business permitted to operate in residential areas, in light of a study conducted by the Municipality. The conclusions and recommendations of the study are expected to be published by the end of the current month.

The limitations on permitted businesses and establishments are to include —notwithstanding previously suspended permits, Bakeries, Flower shops, popular restaurants, dry-cleaners, and home services among other permits.

Notably, the municipality suspended the issuance of permits for 7 business types, they are: grocery stores, pharmacies, vegetable and fruit shops, kindergartens, doctors, and women’s saloons.

On the other hand, the municipality permitted 13 types of business to operate in residential areas but prescribed a variety of regulations.