Customs Consider Legal and Economic Implications of Tariffs on Exempted Merchandise

تم نشره في Wed 2 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Meeting between customs and private sector (Archives)

AMMAN — Director of Jordanian Customs Marshal Dr Waddah Al Hmoud stated that the department is considering the legal and economic implications and effects of imposing tariffs in return for services provided on custom exempted merchandise by 1 per cent.

Furthermore, Hmoud stated the proposition was prepared upon requests by the private sector during the cooperation conference held yesterday in the Amman Chamber of Commerce to review the negative effects of exemption on the industrial sector and its competitiveness domestically and internationally.

Previously, the request was made by the government in 2014 to collect a 1 per cent fee off exempted imported merchandise on the condition that the amount does exceed JOD2000 and is not bellow JOD25.