Residents In Irbid Celebrate The Success of the Security Operation Against Terrorist Group

People Distributing Sweets in Celebration and Peace Restored in Irbid after Confrontations and Detainment of Terrorist Cell

تم نشره في Thu 3 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Security Forces Survailing Enterance to Northern Neighbourhood in Irbid Yesterday ( Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush)

AMMAN — Cautious peace has been restored throughout the neighbourhoods and residential areas of Irbid, particularly the Northern neighbourhood and Hakama Yesterday, after a “terrifying” —according to residents, breath-taking night; National security forces had been in direct engagement with a cell connected to terrorist organisations, and successfully conducted several raids that led to the detainment of members of the terrorist group.

Traffic flow has been restored and shops are conducting their usual businesses.