Legal Sources Say Charges Made to 13 Detainees May Reach Execution

National Security Initiate Investigations with the 13 Detained Members of Terrorist Cell on Sunday

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  • قوات الامن في منطقة المداهمة للخلية الارهابية باربد التي جرت الثلاثاء - (تصوير: محمد ابو غوش)
  • Security Forces Survailing Enterance to Northern Neighbourhood in Irbid Yesterday ( Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush)

AMMAN — Legal sources expect Deputee General of National Security Court to start the investigation process with the detainees of “Operation: Irbid”, whom are connected to “ISIS”, on Sunday. The operation lead to the death of 7 terrorists and the arrest of 13, as well as to the martyrdom of oMajor Rashed Zyoud.

According to the same sources, the DA will include in their investigation the issues of arms and explosives found at the detainees’ possession.

The campaign that led to the raids in Irbid last Tuesday launched 10 days ago, leading to the arrest of close to a dozen extremists suspected to have ties with “ISIS”.

The detainees are expected to be held charged with conspiring with intent to commit terrorism, consequentially manslaughter, the possession of explosives and automatic firearms intended to be used for illegal purposes.

Sources note that all these combined charges are punishable by execution.