His Majesty Meets with Chief Editors of a Number of Local Newspapers

Preserving Jordan’s National Security is ‘First and Foremost’ —King

تم نشره في Fri 4 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Fri 4 March / Mar 2016. 10:37 PM
  • His Majesty's Meeting with Editors-in-chief of Jordanian Dailers

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II voiced His pride in the efforts of Jordanian Armed Forces —The Arab Army (JAF), and national security forces, and their dedication and commitment in pursuing the fulfilment of their duties unfailingly for the preservation of the Country’s security and the safety of its citizens.

During a meeting with editors-in-chief of Al Rai, Ad Dostour, Al Ghad, and the Jordan Times dailers on Thursday, March 3rd 2016, the Monarch said “Our priority —first and foremost, is the preservation of our security, as our Armed and National Security Forces professionally and proficiently overcome the challenges they face every day with valour”.

Accordingly, His Majesty reassured that Jordan addresses the perils that threaten the Country’s security and stability with unrelenting decisiveness, noting that these threats are “products of the conditions storming the region”, and stressing His confidence and trust in the capability of the brave and outstanding men of the Arab Army and security agencies to protect the Kingdom’s borders, particularly North of the Country, and fence off the dangers of terrorism and terrorist organisations.

His Majesty paid tribute to the brave martyr’s sacrifice, Major Rashed Zyoud, last Tuesday, and stated that “the glorious sacrifices of the martyr and his exemplary heroism in facing up to this criminal gang will always be remembered by Jordanians” describing the martyr as “one of the Nation’s best men”.

As for the Syrian crisis, His Majesty explained that Jordan’s clear position towards the conflict, calling for and supporting a comprehensive political solution in Syria is steady and remains unchanged, highlighting the vitality of maintaining cooperation and coordination with the different regional and international players, towards a resolution that will put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people. The King also confirmed —in this context, that the success, so far, in the establishment and sustenance of the cease-fire south of Syria will contribute greatly in the formulation of suitable settings for a political solution to the crisis.

And in His response to a question on Jordan-Gulf relations, His Majesty insured that the bonds are “brotherly, strong and in their best conditions”, adding that coordination and consultations with Gulf leaders continue towards the attainment of common mutual interests.

On His Majesty’s recent summit with American President Barack Obama at the White House, He stated that the meeting evoked reassurance and appreciation on America’s part over the Kingdom’s role in the region and towards its issues, as a strategic partner to the US; the White House renewed their commitment towards Jordan, and particularly in regards to the burdens of hosting Syrian refugees and to fortifying the Kingdom’s defence capacities.

On another note, during the meeting with the newspapers chief editors, the King reaffirmed that Jordan stand by the Palestinian people and by their legitimate cause, pursuing always, and in various international forums, the condensation of efforts to resurrect the peace process in accordance to the two-state resolution.

Additionally, His Majesty underlined the media’s important role in serving the interests and national causes of Jordan, describing objective and responsible media organisations as partners in the building of this Country.

In this regard, the King highlighted the importance of countering extremist ideologies in the media, and emphasised that terrorism is among the Country’s most pressing issues, and is deserving of the media’s focused work to “safeguard present and future generations”

The meeting was also attended by head of the Royal Hashemite Court and the Director of His Majesty’s Office.