The Problematics of Security and the Project of Modernity

تم نشره في Wed 9 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Marwan Al Muasher

The near terrorist incident —were it not for the proficiency and vigilance of security agencies, indicates two vitally important matters. First, that the Jordanian people, regardless of political colour, opinion, religion, gender, and origin, stands as one behind the Country’s security forces and against any threat to Jordan’s wellbeing. This vast popular consolidation with our security forces was spontaneous and fast, and was not aggregated by anybody. It spurred purely out of solidarity and care for the Nation’s welfare; the kind of solidarity that manifests clearly whenever Jordan’s security is tampered with, from Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, to “Daesh”, and any other terrorist group.

The other thing is, that this particular terrorist group, or at least a number of its members, is Jordanian; they did not sneak across the borders, but out of the very safety of our own home, and there are other groups, most probably, still in hide-out, waiting for the suitable moment to terrorise us, in spite of the low chance of their plans actually working at the current levels of vigilance and proficiency of our security forces.

Combined, if we examine the two points presented, we realise that this popular consolidation regarding Jordan’s security, does not banish the possibility of there being some delusional people contracted into terrorism; this requires a through processing to address the root causes and driving factors behind it.

The security resolve will protect this beloved Country, by grace of God, but this approach must be fortified and balanced out with a political economic and societal resolution of the factors that led, and would still lead, the some of us astray. And we should not scare of building this discourse in line with the maintenance of security, because the Jordanian people are united in the efforts to safeguard the Country, and in sweeping majority. Accordingly, this solidarity should not blanket the precursors to terrorism, quite contrarily; it should drive the execution of a clear progressive vision for the modern nation state, backed by the great popular basis united behind Hashemite Leadership and the Jordanian Regime.

Since 2005, after the terrorist bombing of three hotels in Amman by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi’s accomplices who came from outside of Jordan, a government came that was predominantly police and security oriented, and directed to deal with these attacks and the likes of them. And while we have succeeded in securing the situation for quite some time, this threat now comes from people who did not come from outside of the Country. In fact, they are of our own; living among us, trying to terrorise us from within. Hopefully, the coming government does not suffice with the military and security aspects of previous resolve; I am hoping for an administration that includes a team of economists capable of outlining a clear plan to meet the chronic shortcomings and issues of Jordan’s economy, primarily addressing unemployment that has exceeded 30 per cent among youths —a ticking time-bomb. I am looking forward to a type of governance that entails education specialists who do not deny the miserable status of the sector in Jordan, and puts forward a long-term strategic plan with a new philosophy for education that encourages harmony, tolerance, inclusion, mutual respect of opinions and of the other elements of society, paving for an egalitarian citizenship of country that is pluralist and inclusive, while practicing these concepts in class, not superficially as it is today. I dream of a government that does not only concern itself with handling emergent, current political, economic, and security issues, but plans ahead on the long sprints for a stable and prosperous future.

We are not short on plans. What we need is a realisation that an approach of this sort and balance is not privilege, and that while we are immersed in our present dealings, there are others who plan on the long-term for the destruction of this country and the infestation of expiatory cultures that would drive us centuries back. What we lack is the will to confidently make it out of this turmoil with such a progressive project, knowing that the majority of Jordanian citizens will back it as well as they have been backing our security agencies.