Tarawneh Claims Political Powers Behind JU Protests

تم نشره في Thu 10 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM
  • JU President Ekhlaid Tarawneh (Archives)

AMMAN — University of Jordan President Dr Ekhlaif Tarawneh criticised what he described as “attempts by political powers outside of the University to exploit the decision to  increase in the parallel and post-grad programme fees” which was enacted last year. Dr Tarawneh also stated he was curious as to why the student delegation of the 12-day sit-in back from their agreements with the Board of Trustees 2 days ago.

Tarawneh reassured that the channel of dialogue with the students “was and still is open”, stressing that no procedures will follow protesting students long as they “abide by the laws, regulations, and instructions, do not hinder the educational process” or tamper with university property.

Additionally, he confirmed that the claims of JU’s intentions to disperse the protests with force or detainment of students is baseless, insuring that the University supports “the rights of expression peacefully within the law”.

Moreover, Tarawneh underlined that the University has not and will not raise the fees for the regular programme, and that he personally opposes the fee increase of any programme, noting that the authority to do so lies strictly within the powers of the Board of Trustees.