Will Government Take Responsibility?

By: Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sun 20 March / Mar 2016. 12:00 AM
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Following any terrorist attack, an entity of some sort declares responsibility for the crime. While many crimes are being committed against society, without anybody ever taking any responsibility, thus, suspending accountability long as responsibility is anonymous.

Impoverishment, as the rise of poverty indices confirms, is a socio-economic crime —to begin with, against all of society, including a generation to grow overwhelmed with need. The question is: to what extent did official State policy contribute to the deepening of the reality of poverty; and does the government, consequentially, have the courage to take responsibility for increasing poverty levels up to 20 per cent?

We have today, in Jordan, around 370 thousand individual members of food-insecure families, or food-frail; meaning they cannot secure the nutritious elements of food necessary to maintain fair health conditions. Now; we can imagine what a person would think or do, should they starve to no end.

Can the government tell us what their responsibility is towards the latter segments of society, and how they account for thousands of Jordanian families, who out of basic need to provide, compromise on price and quality of foods, “borrow” food, or else wait for the aids of gracious good people? What do they feel, knowing —as their studies inform them, that some families do not eat for days? Do they see themselves responsible for this shortcoming that is hitting our very humanity where it would kill?

The youths whose lives have been drowned in narcotics or abducted by extremism so as to commit to terrorism; who is responsible for their straying and loss? Who failed to employ them, frustrating their young hearts into despair?

Additionally, there is a decrease in the levels of education to the point that the system is graduating hundreds of thousands of illiterate children; in terms of knowledge as well as reading and writing. Added the distortions in curriculum. Particularly those expected to inspire creativity through indoctrination, prioritising memorisation over criticism.  All the victims of the education system pay the price of official inadequacies. Will the government take blame and responsibility for that? Do they even realise they have wasted 4 years without instituting sought differentiations in education?

Similarly, passing the train of financial reformation, and the inaccuracies of economic figures, are other issues that have to be reflected on. Was the plan over past years not shrinking the budget deficit during the year 2015? Well, it nonetheless, sky-rocketed —in spite official statements— to worrying levels; will the government explain what happened here?

As for the question and concept of financial soundness, and the anticipation of being capable of running our economic affairs without the interference of international organisations; those too have cleared out with failure this day; we failed miserably.

Apparently, our numbers and figures have dropped. And the Minister of Finance may be able to explain the negative developments since April 2015, when we concluded the International Monetary Fund’s programme; how did these figures swell so by the end of 2015? Unfortunately, these figures show we are inadequate for this autonomous role, and the question —again, is; who is responsible for these results and their implications on the Country?

There are many other cases awaiting responsibility; legislative confusion, repulsing investment, denying the rights of side-lined social segments, legal discrimination against women and their weak economic contribution, as well as favourism and corruption, and many other concerns. All these crimes are being committed without any official or a government to take responsibility for them.

The absence of belief in the responsibility that comes with role or position, added the delusion of office being an honour instead of a duty, with the legislative institution distracted away from its monitory role, all led to the previously reviewed catastrophic manifestations; it seems like they are the responsibilities of the citizen! Indeed, whom else is it?!