JOD253 Million: Annual Medical Treatment Costs for Syrian Refugees

تم نشره في Tue 29 March / Mar 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Syrian Refugees receive medical treatment in Mafraq (Archives)

AMMAN — A government report confirmed that the Ministry of Health provides Syrian refugees all necessary first, second, and third aid, and medical, health, precautionary and awareness services at minimal fees subject to subsidy, encompassing all the services provided by the Ministry without discrimination.

Generally, and according to the report issued by the Government Human Rights Coordinator, Syrian refugees, up until November 2014, received medical treatment free of charge. Yet, and due to the rising expense of medical product and services provided, Syrian refugees are charged at the rates of uninsured Jordanian citizens, subject to subsidy expense coverage of 80 per cent.

Accordingly, costs of treating Syrian refugees annually, so far, averages around JOD253 million, as the report cites Syrian refugees in Jordan currently comprises almost 20 per cent of the Country’s population, at about 1.3 million, whereas registered counts at UNHCR amount to roughly 660,000 refugees, 12 per cent of whom reside in campsites.

Accumulatively, the culminated costs of treating Syrian refugees, incurred by the Ministry so far, touch at an estimate of JOD1.424 billion since the beginning of the refugee influx to Jordan, until December 2015.