Government Passes 2016 “Arms and Ammunition” And “Party Support Contributions” Laws

تم نشره في Wed 30 March / Mar 2016. 10:29 PM
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AMMAN — The Ministerial Cabinet in session today, Wednesday, headed by Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Nsoor, passed the new Arms and Ammunition Law for the year 2016, and the Political Party Support Contribution legislation.

As for the Arms law, it regulates and restricts allowed grades and classes of legal manufacturing, importation, exportation, repair, maintenance, and trade of arms and ammunitions, as well as the terms and conditions of issued permits and clearances to own and carry arms. That in Addition to other related legal issues.

In regards to the 2016 political party support and contributions legislation, the Cabinet approved the project law that enables parties to partake in their political and social roles and expand popularly. Support and contribution are to be made available off Treasury funds in aid for the support of declared and legal political organisations, at an initial amount of JOD50 thousand on two instalments, allowing parties to make use of an additional JOD50 thousand divided in twos for every parliamentary seat won by the party at 5 seats tops in parliament.

Parties eligible for the new module must have at least 500 registered members from 7 governorates at a representation rate of 5 per cent each, with at least 10 per cent female representation in its body.