Sudan Releases Jordanian Tawjihi Students

تم نشره في Tue 5 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Ministry of Foreign Affaris Building (Archives)

AMMAN — Sudanese authorities, Monday, released Jordanian high school students detained on the background of having leaked general examination question during their stay, according to Foreign Ministry speaker Sabah Rafei’s statements to “Al Ghad”, noting that the efforts and follow-up on behalf of the Ministry has reaped the decision to release detained students after being investigated.

Previously, Jordan Ambassador to Khartoum, Mohammad Fayez, met with Sudanese officials of the foreign affairs ministry, based on the latter’s request, as the ministry was dissatisfied with the way Jordanian media addressed and deliberated the case.

On Jordan-Sudanese relations, Ambassador Fayez reassured, during the meet, on the importance of the strong relations between the two countries, on all levels.

Accordingly, Sudanese foreign officials had promised then to release the Jordanian students as soon as the investigations are concluded.