4 to 15 Year Convictions in the “Aqaba Cocaine” Case

تم نشره في Wed 6 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Military Court, State Security Court, Amman

AMMAN — The military judiciary committee of the State Security Court issued their verdicts on the “Aqaba Container Cocaine” case, which included 6 defendants, of whom two are currently fugitives.

Three defendants were sentenced to 15 years of hard labour and JOD20,000 in fines, having been convicted of importing narcotics for the purpose of trade in collaboration. The fourth was convicted for possession with intent to abuse narcotics and drug abuse, and was sentenced to two years and a JOD3,000 fine for each sentence; 4 years and JOD6,000.

Two defendants were cleared of charges due to insufficient evidence.