Border Guard Receive 909 Syrian Refugees into Jordan

45,000 Syrian Dislocated in Demilitarised Area Between Jordan and Syria

تم نشره في Sun 10 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Border Control Units Infront of Dislocated Syrians in Demilitarised Border Area
  • Syrian refugees in the Safe Zone (Archives)

AMMAN/MAFRAQ —Al Ghad—Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Border control units received 909 Syrian refugees over the past 72 hours of different age spans and both genders, and they were provided the shelter and medical attention needed.

On the other hand, as Jordanian and International official sources deny there being a Syrian refugee camp in the Rweshid area within the Mafraq governorate, the numbers of dislocated Syrians in the demilitarised area hundreds of meters south the Syrian borderline with Jordan have reached 45,000 dislocated refugees.

The dislocated Syrians in the safe zone confirm to having been receiving aid and provisions. Yet, as Jordanian officials reassure that the borders with Syria will be open for Syrians to seek asylum in Jordan, international reports of the Human Rights Watch, published in November 2015, indicate that thousands of Syrian asylum applicants, whom are in the most unfortunate conditions, have been denied entry through the North Eastern Crossing.