Return on Oil and Fuel Products Investment in Jordan is Low

Total and Manaseer: Joint USD80 Million Storage Capacity Investment

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  • A Total Gas Station in Amman (From Source)

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Total-Jordan general management stated in an excluive to “Al Ghad” that the company will be expanding their investment in Jordan over the next phase, through the enlargement of storing capacities and the increase of coverage —through increasing the number of  gas stations, as well as the production of mineral oils.

General Manager of Total-Jordan mentioned during the interview that returns on investments in the oil derivatives in Jordan are low compared to those in neighbouring markets.

Nonetheless, Total is in Jordan for the long run, and is planning an USD80 million capacity expansion investment in partnership with Manaseer to construct oil and derivative storage capacities at 150 thousand cubic meters.

Notably, Total services through 170 gas stations in Jordan, 38 of which are run by the Company, while the rest are managed through direct contracts with station owners.

Total employs 1000 employees, roughly, 85 per cent of them Jordanian.