Lower House Passes Narcotics and Psychedelics Law

Several Articles Amended: Including Aggravated Assault and Extortion among others

تم نشره في Sun 17 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Lower House of Parliament, in session today, Sunday, presided by House President, Atef Tarawneh, and attended by Cabinet, passed the 2015 Narcotics and Psychedelics law.

The law defined narcotics and psychedelics, the criminal charges designed, and their amendments. The session also passed the establishment of a counter narcotics and psychedelics fund, designated to counter the spread of narcotics and drug related crimes, as well as rehabilitation.

The new legislation sets out several drug related charges, ranging from using to promotion and trade, to be punishable by law at a minimum sentence of 2 years at least for drug abuse and a fine no less JOD2000.

The bill passed also allocates to respective judiciary institutions (State Security Court) the authority, at their discretion, to refer drug users and abusers to be rehabilitated in the stead of time in prison, with rights to anonymity subject to a year in prison and a fine.

Accordingly, importers, manufacturers, and traders of narcotics will be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison fined with JOD10,000, at a minimum, to include also anyone who stores or distributes narcotics.

Next to the Narcotics and Psychedelics 2015 law amendments passed, several other amendments included charges of extortion, physical aggravated assaults leading to death, and other charges, while noting that the State retains the right, by legislation and in accord to legal processes, to carry out capital (death) sentences issued by judicial authorities.