949 Tonnes of Farm Fish Produced in 2015

تم نشره في Sat 16 April / Apr 2016. 11:00 PM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— The quantity produced of farm fish, during the year 2015, increased by 5.6 per cent at 949.25 tonnes compared to 898.8 tonnes in 2014, according to a report prepared and published by the Department of Statistics, citing the total amounts of fish produces (fishing included) reached 1,154 tonnes for 2015, increasing in total by 0.8 per cent.

Reports indicate, however, that fishing yields have fropped by 17 per cent in 2015, compared to yields of 2014, from 246.2 tonnes to 204.4 tonnes.

The department conducts two census annually; the first of fish farms counting 34 across the Kingdom, covered bi-annually, and of fishing activities in Aqaba, amounting to 62 boats, inspected at an near monthly rate.