Saplings of Fruit Trees Drop 26% in 2015

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AMMAN —Al Ghad— the total number of seedlings produced from fruit trees decreased by 26 per cent last year, reaching 1.7 million, compared with 2.3 million seedlings in 2014.

According to the Department of Statistics, the preliminary results of a survey of agricultural plantations for 2015 indicate the number of seedlings —in totality— produced last year amounted to 348.6 million as opposed to 293.8 million in year 2014, an increase of 19 per cent

As for the number of saplings of fruit trees produced in plantations for the year 2015, at 1.1 million seedlings, comprising nearly 67 per cent of the total production of plantations, private and government, seedlings produced in state plantations reached 553 thousand seedlings, and 33 per cent of total production.

The survey showed, that the total number of seedlings produced from vegetables in 2015 increased to 341 million seedlings, from 286.2 million in 2014, at 19 per cent.

The number of seedlings produced from forest tree dropped to 3 million by 2015, from 3.2 million the year before, at 6 per cent.

Seedlings from ornamental plants produced at 2.9 million by end of 2015, increased from 2.1 million in 2014, by 38 per cent. Moreover, results indicate that the total number of olive saplings from producer plantations totalled at 937,000 seedlings, accounted for about 56 per cent of the total production of fruit tree plantations in 2015.

The reports elaborate further on other produce.