House of Representatives Pass Amendments to “King’s Authorities” and “Multi-Nationals”

تم نشره في Wed 27 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • House of Representatives during Previous Parliamentary Session

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Lower House of Parliament voted the 1st, 42nd, and 75th articles of the Constitutional Amendments, with 123 “yeays”, 18 “nays”, and 1 abstention for the Amendments to His Majesty’s authorities, and 113 “yeays”, 23 “nays”, 3 abstentions, and 11 absences on the allowance for multi-nationals in ministerial and parliamentary appointments and roles.

Notably, the 1st Article of the Amendment entails that it is now within the capacity of His Majesty’s authorities, with Royal Decree, and without the signature or approval of the Prime Minister, the Minister, or respective Ministerial authority, to specifically: appoint the Heir to the Hashemite Throne (The King), The King’s Deputy, the President of the Upper House (Appointed Senate) of Parliament and Members, dissolving the House of Appointed Senate, Accepting their Resignations, as well as Relieving any House Member of their Duties and Membership in Parliament. The Amendment also assigns to His Majesty’s authorities; the Appointment of Chief of Judicial Council and Members of the Council, as well as accepting their resignation, the Appointment of the Chief of Military Staff, in addition to the Heads of the General Intelligence Directorate and Gendarmerie, and the authority to Relief them of their posts and duties.