Public Purchasing Exclusive to Domestic Product —Ali

تم نشره في Thu 28 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply Maha Ali (Archives)

AMMAN — Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply, Eng Maha Ali, stated that the decision to exclude government purchases to domestic products —conditioned by there being at least three local producers— is intended to support the industrial sector, particularly in light of the drop in exportation with the current circumstances in Syria and Iraq.

Accordingly, exports to Iraq and Syria have dropped 41 and 40 percent, respectively, last year, pressing tremendous weight on the industrial sector in Jordan, employing 220 thousand workers across the span of around 17,589 industrial facilities, hence, the decision, to help compensate for the losses the sector has endured.

The decision included 85 commodities ranging from foodstuff to chemicals, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, packaging, and leather and other fabric industries, as well as furniture, electrical, and plastic industries.