Soon… Five Governments in Jordan

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sat 30 April / Apr 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

Chief of the Royal Court, Fayez Tarawneh, appears on Jordan Television claiming to know the inner workings of things; did we not tell you the man is returning, headstrong, to the forth circle!?! The interview is nothing but a precursor.

The moment Dr Bassem Awadallah’s person appears in the Jordan-Saudi scene, contenders are taken by concern that Awadallah is on his way to a ranking office, undoubtedly, with the prospect of premiering a government not so farfetched. The Saudi achievement is enough to fold the page.

On the other hand, Premiere Abdullah Nsoor only seldom ever accompanies His Majesty the King on foreign travels. There he is today, in Riyadh, centring the session, next to The King. In a few weeks’ time, he will preside the Jordanian component of the Coordination Council with Saudi Arabia, meeting with the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The Riyadh summit communique mentioned Nsoor explicitly, when the official capacity would have sufficed; is it possible that Nsoor is soon to leave, as some deliberated, after setting up with Saudi’s influential man in Amman? Proponents of the current government say no way Nsoor’s government is leaving this month.

Similarly, Dr Hani Mulqi is about to be sworn in, had he not have been already. This is happening certainly, according to politicians and media persons; Mulqi’s rush to deny foreign nationalities was considered proof of the opposite.

Other soothsayers go beyond, based as always on information from highly ranked sources; to say that Mulqi may be the transitional Prime Minister; the transitional government is but a rehearsal for the one to follow; then it is definitely “Abu Fawzi’s” government!

Out of the masses, comes a voice to drive the dreamers’ delusions to the ground; What is wrong with you people; have you forgotten about the President of Appointed Senate Faysal Fayez? He is closest to the King, and His confidant. Fayez is the only candidate able to pull through the transitional phase, soothing Jordanian concerns in the aftermath of the difficult and coarse Nsoor years.

Undoubtedly; the man is out there, all over the Country; speaking at conferences and sponsoring events and celebrations. He left out not a single governorate without at least visiting once or twice; working hard to reinforce tribal ties, and not failing to include “camps”; Maan, not once visited by the current Premiere, has been frequented by Fayez.

On the opposition; is everything Samir Rifai is doing pointless? It is clear as daylight. Everything he is doing, and all his movements indicate he seeks another shot at the position taken from him by the surge of the “Arab Spring”.

No doubt; he is the man of the hour, and it is an economic hour —no doubt; Rifai carries a comprehensive vision and agenda for Jordan’s future. Someone would bet; there is no one closer to the decision centre than Rifai. He will retreat to a vacation for a few weeks, and return to form the new government, that is for sure!

Five new governments at once; all these scenarios are based on strong concrete rock-solid information from reliable sources; we will soon have “five” governments at once!

A gapping leap on the path to political reformation, preceded by not a single other country in the world. This is the only way the government could appeal to the anticipations of soothsayers.