Is there Worse than “Daesh”?

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Thu 5 May / May 2016. 09:45 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

The world’s primary interest now is the annihilation of “Daesh” (ISIS) militarily, in Iraq and Syria. Indeed, they are a dangerous terroristic organization, but they are not an exception to Al Qaeda, and they are not out of the general regional context of happening in the Arab area, but part to a whole!

“Daesh” is an extremist, fundamental organization; that much is true. Their killing methods are terrifying, and they seek to impose their religious ideology on everybody; that is also true. But is “everybody” else, involved, so fundamentally different from ISIS?!

The answer is most definitely; no. In fact, what the other parties involved are doing may be even worse and exceedingly more horrific, but international and regional agendas are not interested in keeping up with that!

How do we describe or define the happenings in Aleppo today? Hundreds of children and civilians dead under the rubbles of cities and houses destroyed upon their residents! An attempt to impose, not a religious ideology, but sectarian, demographic genocide, with “Uncle Sam” turning a blind eye to a task left for Putin, Assad, and Hizballah to see through, and corner the opposition into returning to Geneva!

How many Syrians are detained in the regime’s confinement facilities today?! Tens of thousands?! How many died under torture or simply murdered?! How many wish upon death to escape the hellish reality they endure?! What has the world to say about the happenings inside the central Hamah detention facility today; the possibility of a massacre to be conducted against protesting prisoners?


What is the major countries’ position on the recent important report issued by Amnesty International on new prisons discovered in Iraq, with detainees enduring inhumane circumstances on basis of suspicion only, according to the report; classified prisons that are not under any form of monitoring, with no accountability nor any measure to human rights?!


According to the International report, these “apprehensions are not limited to the residential demographics their areas, but include also people trying to return to their homes after they have been liberated from the clutches of ISIS, with testimonials to the arrest of hundreds on the barriers erected by militias on streets and on entrances to villages, cities, and towns, justified as attempts to prevent terrorist infiltration among civilians”. Who holds these organisations accountable? Who follows on the arrest of innocents? Who cares about the torture and humiliation enforced against them??!

The answer is: no one!

Are other authoritarian Arab states better off? How many detainees in Egypt are there since the military coup? What are the conditions of their confinements? How many college professors died under crucial circumstances?! What is the scale of transgression against human rights and dignity in Egypt?!

Is there a better description to the reality of the horrors and terrors of the general situation than the statement of the mother of Italian student, Julio Rigini —who was found dead after being abducted and tortured by Egyptian days after— when she responded to the Italian Parliament saying; the tortured him and killed him as if he was Egyptian?!

This is not to dilute the danger of Daesh, and their blood thirst and nihilist; the atrocity of their actions, nor is it intended to call against the uprooting them, at all; it is however a call to go back to the conditions, factors, and context that gave rise to ISIS and fuelled their spread like wildfire!

This fundamental, radical organisation is the legitimate offspring of the current discourse in Arab states; the discourse of authoritarianism; the discourse of sectarianism; the discourse of international and regional agendas; the discourse of a deeply rooted sense of desperation, frustration, humiliation, and vindictiveness.

 Finishing off “Daesh” militarily will not put the issue to rest, so long as the precursory factors and conditions sustain, more so; they intensify. What comes after ISIS may be even worse than Daesh themselves, with the whole region “Daeshified”, under a multitude of banners and colours!