Israeli Occupation Forces Install Surveillance in Aqsa Grounds

Jerusalem Mufti Condemns Installing Cameras in Northern Quarters of the Campus

تم نشره في Mon 9 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM —Al Ghad— The Mufti for Jerusalem and Palestine, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, announced condemnation of Israeli installation of surveillance cameras around the northern quarters of the Aqsa holy grounds, as the “transgression comprises a direct threat on the holy mosque”, calling to alarm of hidden intentions.

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  • »False (Samira Al -Tal)

    Thu 19 May / May 2016.
    Can someone please tell me how the cameras threaten the Aqsa Mosque? Why do we keep repeating things that are true?
    The cameras are good for the Palestinians and the Israelis as they will be providing extra added security to the worshippers. Also, what is the problem with having Jews and Muslims share the mosque. Are they not both praying for one God? Do you think God cares who uses the mosque to pray? Do you think it matters to God?
    Wake up and smell the coffee Muslims!!!!