The New Government; Put Off

By: Jamil Nimri

تم نشره في Thu 12 May / May 2016. 08:26 PM
  • Jamil Nimri

It is not only the ambiguity of the coming days that is weighing on the government and both houses of Parliament, with the elections in sight, but additionally, there is the fact that the priorities of the Jordanian populace have become, pressingly; their economic and living conditions. Security, second to the economic question, is insured with faith in the adequacy and effectiveness of Jordan’s military and security devices, given the recession of ISIS. And politics? Well, it was never a priority. And it sure is not today, in light of the suffocating living conditions endured by Jordanians.

Are we really in a “predicament”? Or is it just the traditional complaint typical to our society at all times? While holding back from exaggerating the five Ajloun youth’s attempted suicide to saying Jordan’s youth is enduring utter desperation; the truth is, this most recent incident may just be an attempt to draw attention to the suffering incurred by the culmination of unemployment. The absorption capacities of the military and security devices are already overly inflated. More so, income to living expenses rates shrink, while the major, fundamental sectors —foremost of which is manufacturing; are in peril due to the blockage of primary markets, primarily Iraq. The same goes for transportation. As for the private sector, this particular device has limited, humble capacities in terms of good jobs, while domestic labour is being overwhelmed by foreign, especially Syrian, labour. And the aid to refugees, on the other hand, pumped into the marketplace shrinks more every day, and does not vitalise the market.

Perhaps the conclusions of the London Donors Conference to support Jordan, and the Saudi “supposed” Marshal project, could pry a breathing space in the tightening walls of the current circumstance, but the specifics of their execution remain unclear. To prepare for the supposed Saudi economic push, an extraordinary term of Parliament has been decreed to convene imminently, next week, to deliberate and pass one legislation; the Jordan Investment Fund, that is —supposedly— intended to incubate Saudi funds.

All that said, it becomes more pressing, by the day, to outline a clear conceptualisation of an economic salvation project, in light of objective current factors; one that answers crucial questions, like “are thorough transparency measures in order? Should the agreement be expanded to include certain sectors, revitalise the market, and support the least fortunate segments of society, even were it on the expense of indebtedness at the moment?... Those, and many other questions have to be addressed within the context of a comprehensive political discourse for the short and mid terms, while under immense pressure by the International Monetary Fund with their recipe that is to entail increased prices, shrunk subsidies, deteriorating living conditions, a recessing economy, and incrementing poverty and unemployment.

The problem is that official parties, in charged with leading the economic endeavour, the government, will be in transition soon, with the legislative authority assigned to it, pending the outcomes of the newly litigated elections. The decree to hold a brief extraordinary parliamentary term, next Monday, gave the impression that the dismantlement of the House of Representatives is near, the government in hand, to be replaced by a transit government without the necessary delegation and authority to instrument an economic plan and project for the mid-term. Accordingly, it is safe to assume, that the government to be in charged with overseeing the elections may be retain as the permanent government, pre-emptive to the tasks of the next House of Representatives. This, however, strikes out the idea of parliamentary government, and burns that government out popularly beforehand, given the current difficult situation; an unsuccessful launch for the coming parliament.

Although the voices resounding riddance of Dr Abdullah Nsoor’s government dominate the atmosphere, the wiser discourse would be to not burn out the new government in advance, and go for the elections with the current parliamentary formation, therefore; the current government, so as to set off with the new elections, a new Parliament, a new government, and a new stage.