‘Eager Lion’ Military Drill Starts, Monday

تم نشره في Sun 15 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
  • A Side of the 'Eager Lion' Drill 2015

AMMAN — Bi-national ‘Eager Lion’ military drill kicks off tomorrow, Monday, according to the press statement held jointly today, Sunday, by Chief of the joint training staff and speaker for the Jordanian counterpart, Brig Gen Fahed Damen, announcing launch of the 2016 drill, 15th through 24th of May, 2016.

On the American Central Command (Centcom) side, Maj Gen Ralph Grover, attended the conference.

Eager Lion 2016 will consist of simulated scenarios to facilitate a coordinated partnered military response to conventional and unconventional threats, according to the statements, including border security, command and control, cyber defence and battle-space management.

About 6,000 military personnel, including representatives from Centcom headquarters and its air, land and maritime components will support the exercise, officials said.