Candidates on Fire!

By: fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Thu 19 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

The Country is overly in the mood for elections. All the political parties in Jordan, save for the Islamic Action Front, have declared participation. And according to the estimates of the Country’s Minister for Parliamentary and Political Affairs, Yousef Shawarbeh, who met with the “Islamic Action” delegation the day from last, the Front seems to be leaning towards participating, pending the approval of their leaders, who seem in turn to be mostly with taking part in the upcoming elections, according to insider sources.

The Independent Elections Commission (IEC) has started preparations indicating the nearing of the awaiting elections. And all throughout the halls of the State, debates resound on the suitability of dates proposed. And I personally, do not think it is unlikely that the date has been set, pending only the Royal Decree to be issued by His Majesty the King, to hold the elections, for the IEC to make the announcement.

However, the hundreds of candidates to run for the elections, impatient for the decision to come out, are wasting no time on wait; they have inaugurated their campaigns and have been communicating with their electoral bases in Amman and other governorates for months now. Narrowly speaking, some have begun feeling the pace of other rivals in terms of possibly forming alliances and electoral lists across their electoral circuits.

As for the “prominent” figures, those are aiming higher than just winning the elections with a seat in parliament. Some are working on building vast alliances across the kingdom, aggregating the support of cross-circuit electoral manifests, to secure major shares in the upcoming House of Representatives, who would enable the attainment of their political dreams in the upcoming Parliament and its subsequent government.

Parties, as usual, have not translated their decisions to partake into practical action, as none of their candidates have made any public appearances. The difference is that the only party, that has yet to declare participation, the Front that is, would probably be among the first in line campaigning for the elections, the moment the decision comes in.

Candidates, most of all, are demanding the decision about the dates for the election to be taken soon, as soon as possible, in fact. And they are right; so that they may schedule their electoral campaigns, especially since this new electoral process varies fundamentally from the one before, given first; the fact that electoral circuits have been enlarged, which demands of the runners for Parliament more time to get through to the vast base of electors across governorates. And second, because candidates need time, legally speaking, to enlist in at least three electoral circuits, with that is required for this of deliberation and arrangements, in order to base for alliances and electoral agendas, let alone organising the election campaigns.

Some think we are just two weeks away, give or take, from the announcement of the date for the elections to begin, after the issuance of the Royal Decree to dissolve the current House of Representatives. The dominant feel is that it has been decided, and the steps taken by the Commission accord it.

Nonetheless, it all falls in the realms of speculation, since no official decision has been made public. To us, as well as the vast segment of citizenry, anticipation entails part entertainment, and part curiosity. It is, however, different for those ambitious to get to Parliament; they are rumbling, anxiously, for their time at the polls, to starting the count as soon as possible, to it over with their ambition, which is stressing them out. God be with them.