Destroying The Representatives’ Reputation, and The “Fund”

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 23 May / May 2016. 11:06 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

Whoever follows the public’s reaction via social media on the Jordan Investment legislation —entailing the establishment of the Fund— passed by the Representative’s House the day before last, arrives at the following “false” conclusion; that the legislation aims to organise Israeli investment in Jordan, that it was refused by the Representatives at first, aggregating popular satisfaction for a couple of hours, only to retract their refusal, for the public opinion to turn against them, insulting them with the ugliest descriptions. As a result, the conviction grew firmer that the persistence to annul the article regarding Israeli confirms that Israeli companies are investing in the Fund.

Among social media activists, there are many blabbering popularists and students, including those who only read highlights, and those who comment on the comment, instead of the article itself. Most of them did not read the Bill’s legislative articles, and are driven by skittish passion.

But this is not the fault of social media activists, but of the House of Representatives; they were the ones who proposed a legislative article to exclude Israeli companies from investing through the Fund, only to back down under official pressure.

Representatives knew the Bill was for a legislation that organises investment for both Jordanian and Saudi parties. The government did not keep this from the House, when the president stated under the dome that the draft was reviewed by the Saudis before it was passed by Cabinet and referred to the Parliament; what does Israel have to do with the legislation?!

Evidently, as in previous situations; words began spreading about the nearing hour for Representatives, which calls for them to score a position, now, against the Israeli enemy, with a positive echo, popularly, that would reflect on the upcoming elections just months from now. That is all.

Representatives knew also, that such a suggestion will not be passed in legislation, as it is pointless in the first place, because it entails insult to Saudi Arabia; that Saudi is in this Investment Fund business to partner up with Israel, in Jordan, and they were challenged by the House of Representatives, who so patriotically foiled their plans.

It Saudi’s right to inquire of our generous Representatives: Who signed the peace treaty with Israel; was it Jordan or Saudi Arabia? Was it the House of Representatives?

And could Israel not invest in Jordan, according to the treaty, via the standing legislation? Israel does not need the Fund to invest in the Jordanian market. And it is not a secret that Israeli interests lie first and foremost in Gulf markets, not the small Jordanian market; and they have the means and instruments to penetrate Gulf and Arab economies through or around the Jordanian market.

The result of this random proposition, then its retraction, is that the Representatives will be folding this page of gibberish with shame, coupled in a swarm of insults they did not need. They also, albeit unintentionally, contributed to the staining of the legislation with baseless suspicions of naturalisation with Israel, destroying the Fund’s reputation even before its work commences. They also missed the chance to discuss the important articles in the Legislation Bill that went undeliberated.