His Majesty Addresses the Nation on Jordan’s 70th Independence Day

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  • His Majesty the King Abdullah II

 Address to the Nation


His Majesty King Abdullah II

On the Occasion of

Jordan’s 70th Independence Day

May 24th 2016


 true image of this religion as a faith of tolerance that rejects all forms of extremism and violence.

Jordan, with its unifying identity, welcomes and supports its Arab brethren. Despite its size and meagre resources, it stands out in the world as a bright example of compassion, generosity and a nation that aids those in need.

And despite all the challenges, Jordan’s solid national unity, social coherence and peaceful nature give it strength.

Our country believes that political solutions are the only way to ensure international cooperation and justice in a global community.

The cause that the Great Arab Revolt defended, and the one that is our foremost priority, is the Arab identity of Palestine.

Our great grandfather [Sharif Hussein] was sent into exile and sacrificed his throne while defending the Arab identity of Palestine. He spent everything he owned to renovate Al Aqsa Mosque; hence, he was called the ‘Friend of Al Aqsa’ in his life and the ‘Neighbour of Al Aqsa’ in his death. And the Hashemites still fulfil their responsibilities and duties towards the holy sites of Jerusalem.

Jordan is built on sacrifice and its people never hesitate to serve and defend their homeland. Jordanians are the descendants of the men who carried the banner of the Revolt and those who offered themselves in the name of the nation.

Brothers and sisters,

With the help of God, and the determination and awareness of its people, Jordan has emerged as a country with a message: the message of freedom, peace, harmony and development, relying on our principles and proud of our identity and achievements.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.