Over 280,000 Dead in the Syrian Conflict, Syrian Report Cites

تم نشره في Thu 26 May / May 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Syrian Victims of the Bombardment in Aleppo - (AFP)

BEIRUT — The bloody conflict in Syria since March, 2011, left over 280 thousands people, according to the report issued by the Syrian Monitor for Human Rights, Thursday, as 282,283 deaths have been cited, up until Thursday early morning, out of which over 81 thousand were civilians, including more than 14 thousand children.

The Monitor cited 48 thousand militants, at least, of Islamic oppositional and the Democratic Syria Forces, as opposed to over 101 thousand dead of the Syrian Army and Regime affiliate militias, including Lebanese Hizbollah.

Of the totality of militant, extremist Islamic organisations, Nusra and ISIS; 47 thousand deaths have been cited, next to 3,522 dead whose identities are unknown.

Before the cease-fire, the last report of total deaths in Syria cited 271,138 deaths.