Hani Mulqi Appointed PM by Royal Decree Sunday; to Form New Government

Representative Elections within 4 Months, Pending Royal Decree

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  • His Majesty Meets With Nsoor's Resigned Government
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— Aftermath the issuance of the Royal Decree Thursday, to dissolve the Representative House of Parliament, according to Paragraph (3) of Article (34) of the Jordan Constitution, in effect as of today, Sunday 29th of May; His Majesty King Abdullah II appointed Dr Hani Mulqi the new Prime Minister, Sunday, charged with the formation of the new Cabinet.

 In the meantime, the Royal Decree also tasks Secretary Generals of official Ministerial bodies and institutions with running ministerial operations until the formation of Mulqi’s new government is concluded.

 Hani Mulqi, born in Amman, 1951, is a production engineer graduate of Cairo University in 1974, with a Master’s degree in systems engineering and PhD in energy and water systems engineering, research institution management and International diplomacy. His occupational expertise range from Jordan’s Ambassador to Cairo, to Permanent Delegate with the Arab Union, Council to His Majesty the King, Head Executive Deputy and Secretary General for the Higher Council for Science and Technology, to President of the Royal Scientific Society, and twice member of the Upper House of Parliament, with several ministerial roles, from Water and Irrigation, to Energy, Industry, and Foreign Affairs, among other official appointments.

Newly Appointed Prime Minister, Hani Mulqi - (Archives)

Mulqi was decorated several national and international medals of high merit.

The Independent Elections Commission (IEC), pending His Majesty’s Decree; is ready to convene within 10 days to set the date for the new elections and entailed procedures. The elections, according to Paragraph (1) of Article (73) of the Constitution; are to be held within 4 months of the dissolve of Lower House.

 Accordingly, the Cabinet submitted their resignations late last week, with the Issuance of the Royal Decree to dissolve the Lower House of Parliament, and are visiting the Royal Court today, Sunday, to meet with the King at the Hussainiya Palace, after His Majesty accepted their resignations earlier today.