Consultants Board for AREC — 5th National Forum on Renewable Energy Concludes, Today

تم نشره في Sun 29 May / May 2016. 07:15 PM
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AMMAN — The 5th National Forum on Renewable Energy, concluded today, Sunday the 29th of May, with recommendations on the establishment a consultancy board for the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), to include a league of Arab experts in the fields, aimed to aid in the development and maintenance of high quality services in the renewable energy sphere all throughout the Arab World, and aid governments of Arab states, collectively, to attain a 20 per cent renewable energy contribution to the region’s total energy mix by 2030.

The Forum also concluded that a convention is to be held with the Jordanian Contractors Association, and the electro-mechanic departments with the Jordanian and Arab renewable energy societies, to facilitate an institutional framework for renewable energy projects in Jordan.