Mulqi Estimates Elections to be Held on Schedule

تم نشره في Wed 1 June / Jun 2016. 12:00 AM
  • رئيس الوزراء هاني الملقي (تصوير: محمد أبو غوش)

AMMAN — Prime Minister Dr Hani Mulqi stated today, Wednesday, during his first official statement to the press, that serving citizens and the preservation of the citizenry economically, politically, and socially, is paramount to the tasks assigned to the government by the Letter of Appointment, and tops the agendas of the government, underscoring that further steps along the tracks political reform are steadfast forward, and that the elections will be held on time.

Mulqi also reassured that the government will cooperate fully with the Independent Elections Commission, in order to facilitate transparent, impartial elections, and that the government has begun outlining special regulations for the execution of the decentralised elections legislation, implementable in 2017.