Irbid: Saturday Labour For Teachers to Quit

تم نشره في Thu 2 June / Jun 2016. 05:16 PM
  • The Entrance of the Ministry of Education in Abdali Amman - (Archives)

IRBID —Al Ghad— Head of the Teachers Association branch in Irbid, Salem Abu Dawleh, stated to “Al Ghad” that 5 teachers were forced to labour on Saturdays to pressure their resignations, almost 2 months before the Summer vacation, and that the teachers filed a recent complaint against the school for trying to force them to quit in order to suspend annual contract renewal and deny them 2 months’ worth of salaries.

On Saturday being an official day off for private and public schools, Admin of the 1st Irbid Education Circuit, Ali Dweiri, stated that legislation allows for Saturday labour, in order to conclude tasks unfinished, set examinations, or hold training seminars, but it does not, however; allow it year long, and furthermore; the laws of also allow for schools to obligate teachers to attend and work during holidays, even summer vacations.