US-Backed Militias Open New Frontier in Syria

Syrian Human Rights Monitor: 15 Civilians, 3 children; killed by US Airstrikes

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WASHINGTON/BEIRUT — Thousands of fighters backed by the United States of America pried open a new primary frontier in Syria, after leading an assault to drive ISIS militants out of the Syrian north, utilised by ISIS as a logistic base; in an operation launched last Tuesday. The US-backed troops seem to be make fast preliminary progress and advancements on the battlefield.

The operation, following two weeks of subtle preparation; aims to prevent ISIS from using Syrian territories bordering Turkey, typically employed to facilitate militant infiltration through Turkey, to and back from continental Europe. And according to a statement by US ranking military officers to “Reuters’, who explained that a small number of US Special Forces have been training and supporting this particular group; the operation vitally seeks to block ISIS’ last route into Europe, through seizing control over the Manbej pocket; the hub of ISIS border territory with Turkey, 80km to the west.

On the other hand, the Syrian human rights monitor stated that US-led coalition airstrikes on Manbej left 15 civilians dead, 3 of whom are children; over the past 24 hours.