Jordanians in the Face of Terror

By: Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Mon 6 June / Jun 2016. 11:56 PM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

As would mice, terrorists crawl out of their holes, with their cheese and cowardice that has become distinctive of them; to commit a crime here or there, only to hide somewhere, but for a while. Their low blows are expected, because the war on terror is extensive and saturated, and Jordan has steadfast been decisive in this regard since day one, bravely persistent on triumph. Even though the time to declare this war is belated, it remains an inevitability that can only be substituted by waiting until extremism and terrorism is spread amongst us.

As usual too, and not at all a surprise; the popular response came unified and exceptionally patriotic. Jordanians converged in ranks behind their sincere, deep belief and conviction in their Country and its safety and stability, as well as their complete and utter rejection to extremism in all its forms.

It is crucial that we remind, again and again; that the standoff against terrorism and extremism is lengthy, and addressing the issue thoroughly takes hard, extensive, expansive work. The mindless and conscienceless among us, unfortunately; who share with us the blessings of the homeland, have become careless to all but their thirst for blood and the yielding of the innocent, due to their dark terroristic mind set, into which they were brainwashed.

In this sick, twisted assault on the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) office in Baqaa, yesterday, on the first day of the month of mercy, reaping the lives of five personnel; terrorists think they have made their way to the heavens! Or that they have gotten their way with Jordan! What they do not know, is that Jordan is invisible to their terror, unified and fortified against all their evils.

There is nothing we can do but embrace the sacrifice of the five brave defenders of Jordan, who put their lives on the line to fend for their Country that has steadfast stood against terrorism and destruction, and against darkness. Their sacrifice will only fuel with great value our strength and resolve in our war, and our persistence to corner the epidemic of terrorism, and uproot it wherever it grows.

Jordan will remain, with its leadership, its knights of truth, and its army invisible to any criminal. Jordanians’ outrage against the crimes of terrorists does only to prove that all they are does not exceed a bunch of sleeper cancer cells, scattered about, daring only the lowest works; they dare not walk in daylight.

Perhaps they thought that their last target would drive a split or division between people, and drive them away from Jordan’s great objective, which is Jordan’s safety and security; the safety and security of its citizens, as well as unity. But with every terrorist attempt, they are proven wrong; we are all Jordanians in the face of terror.

We are mindful that the martyrs of yesterday may not be the last; we realise, fully, that the sacrifice endures. But we also know that Jordan has hurt terrorist where it counts, many times; weakening them where they reigned; from Syria to Iraq, to Africa and Europe.

What happened in Baqaa, before that in Irbid, and previously in Muaqqar, is expected at any given moment, albeit military or civil targets. Because as long as those mindless suicidal maniacs are among us, with tactics that are not at all considered security breaches; then this could happen again. However, terrorist know that they have no place among us, in our society; which is why their operations are individual.

Here is outlined the real battle to counter this line of thought internally. Our borders are protected by the vigilance of our Army and security devices, as well as security follow-ups on the internal situation, which makes this very real and internal challenge intellectual and cultural, not security.

This virus is reaping our youths and destroying our society, and still can, in spite of all that is said, able to infiltrate the society and recruit our youth and brainwash them. They number today by the thousands, and we need to admit that while we did do well on the military and security level on along our borders and beyond, we still fall short internally with our failing pointless approaches to handle the spread of that kind of thought internally; and there is resistance to taking on the intellectual battle.

Even today, and even though we are aware of the dangers of this line of thought, institutions have failed to discourse enlightenment in the tide needed to outrun and corner this monstrous kind of thinking that was produced by civil and official institutions, and school curriculums as well fall short in this regard.

Publicised processes adopted in the times of the previous government, particularly in terms of the intellectual battle, still fall short, more so, theoretically; it has yet to be absorbed by institutions. That is to say that we, unfortunately, have yet to commence our internal battle.