Baqaa GID Assailant Apprehended, Gag Order Issued on the Case

تم نشره في Tue 7 June / Jun 2016. 04:06 PM
  • The Apprehended Suspect on the GID Baqaa Office Attack yesterday - (Al Ghad)
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  • The Ein el Basha GID Office that was Attacked Yesterday - (AFP)

AMMAN —Al Ghad— Informed sources confirmed to “Al Ghad” that the Baqaa General Intelligence Directorate (GID) attacker, was apprehended, and is being investigation. The Media Commission put out a gag order, Tuesday morning, on the publication of details on the ongoing investigation, punishable by law, via any and all media and social channels; excluded are the statements by the Attorney State General, according to Jordan News Agency “Petra”.

The Baqaa GID Assailant, Mohammad Masharfeh, 22 years old; was apprehended yesterday in the Jordan Valley village “Sleihi”, at a mosque after prayer, following citizen inquiries and reports on an unknown person, approached by a security officer, and violently resisted inspection. He is said to have been armed with a gun and a knife.

He was transferred to the GID office, who in turn confirmed his identity as the same person who showed up on the cameras during the attack, who was detained at the office two weeks before he committed the crime.