Central Marketplace: 5,000 Tonnes of Produce Arrive Today

تم نشره في Wed 8 June / Jun 2016. 06:35 PM
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AMMAN — Produce supplied to the Central Marketplace today amount to about 7,000 tonnes, including 5,000 tonnes of vegetables and greens, and 2,000 tonnes of fruits.

Accordingly the Central Marketplace administration issued a price range for produce supplied to the marketplace today per kilogramme: Black Thin Eggplant at JOD0.1-0.5, tomatoes JOD0.05-0.25, potatoes JOD0.10-0.40, and squash between JOD0.70-1, cucumbers at JOD0.10-0.35, grapes JOD1.5-4, flower JOD0.10-0.35, lemon JOD0.70-1, cantaloupe JOD0.25-0.05, and watermelon JOD0.05-0.15.