One of the Tel Aviv Operation Conductors is Mutah University Student

تم نشره في Thu 9 June / Jun 2016. 05:34 PM
  • One of te Wounded Casualties of the Tel Aviv Op - (Reuters)

KARAK —Al Ghad— “Al Ghad” was informed that one of the two conductors of the Tel Aviv operation, which left 4 dead and 5 wounded Wednesday evening, is a high performing 3rd year engineering student at the Mutah University in Karak, aged 21 years old.

The young man, who partook in a cultural exchange programme with the Palestinian Authority had been a regular student, with 90 credit hours concluded, save for the last semester he put off.

The executers of the operation are, cousins; Mohammad Ahmad Mousa Makhamreh (21 years old), and Khaled Mohammad Mousa Makhamreh (22 years old), from Yatta, a village south of Hebron (Khalil) in the West Bank.